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Privy Pics Set 5

A privy is defined by Webster as a latrine or necessary-house. Privy refers to private, assigned to private uses, not public, secret, not seen openly and so on. Outhouse is defined as a small house or building near the main one. It would appear that the word “privy” better represents the small building near the main one that has been so important in maintaining the privacy of our necessary functions in the past and to a much lesser degree today in our recreational activities away from home. The necessary-house has a long list of other names attributed to it many of which cannot be listed here in an effort toward seemliness. Because of its eventual disappearance, I decided to create an album of images to preserve its history. Privy Pics will be an ongoing activity as I come upon them during my regular travels on Manitoulin Island. I hope you privately enjoy Privy Pics.